Suspect arrested in Delft criminal's assassination

Dutch police officers arrest a suspect
Dutch police officers arrest a suspect. (Photo: Politie)

A suspect was arrested in connection with the assassination of infamous Delft criminal Karel Pronk. Pronk was gunned down in broad daylight outside coffee house Het Kalf on Kalverbos in Delft on Tuesday.

A car was seen driving away from Kalverbos after the shooting. The driver of the car, a 28-year-old man from Delft, was arrested on Insulindeweg a short time later. He is in custody for questioning, according to Omroep West.

Witnesses told Omroep West that the gunman was riding a motorcycle. An argument broke out between the Pronk and the shooter. He walked to his bike, got the gun and shot Pronk, according to the broadcaster. 

Sources previously told the broadcaster that two suspects were arrested in this case. According to the broadcaster, the second suspect was released again a short time later because he likely had nothing to do with the fatal shooting. 

Karel Pronk was a notorious criminal in Delft and was known as the "Haagse Holleeder". In 1991 he was convicted of arranging the murder of a Rijswijk farmer, according to NOS. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. He escaped from the prison in Haarlem shortly after being sentenced, with the help of his brother in law Fried Friebel. The two had a fallout and Friebel was shot dead in 2007. Pronk was a suspect in his murder, but never convicted of it. He always denied having anything to do with Friebel's death.