Dutch teen's death in Italy an accident

Koen van Keulen
Koen van Keulen. (Photo: Politie)

The Italian police believe that 17-year-old Koen van Keulen from Soest died in a fatal accident at Lake Garda. His family saw camera footage that confirm this conclusion, a spokesperson for the family said to RTL Nieuws.

The Dutch teen disappeared early on Friday morning after a night out with his brother and friends. They took the bus from Lazise back to their campsite in Pacengo, where his parents were also staying. Koen got off the bus a stop later than his brother and friends. His body was found in a ditch along the side of the road on Monday. The Italian police believe that Koen slipped while walking back to his campsite. He fell around 6 meters and ended up in the water.

Koen's family is satisfied that this is what happened, and that the boy was not hit by a car. "From Gardaland there is footage that shows someone who meets Koen's description on the other side of the guardrail", a spokesperson for the family said to RTL Nieuws. "That is to say: the side where you can not be hit by a car. Unfortunately, this caution cost Koen his life."

The family thanks all the volunteers and authorities who helped searched for Koen, the family spokesperson said. "But in the first place also all the people of the carabinieri, diving teams, fire brigade, embassy employees, Foreign Affairs and all who gave us moral support", he said. "The outcome is not how we had hoped. We will have to deal with it. This will be harsh times for the parents, brother, family and friends."