Fatal Mallorca beating started over public urination, suspect says

Spanish Police (Photo: Politie)Spanish Police (Photo: Politie)

The main suspect in the case around Wouter van Luijn, who was beaten to death on Mallorca last week, told the authorities that he punched the Dutch tourist because Van Luijn was peeing in the street, NOS reports.

The 34-year-old film editor from Amsterdam was beaten to death in the neighborhood of Son Banya during the early hours of Friday morning. He went to the notorious neighborhood to buy drugs, the local authorities believe.

There he spoke to suspect Adrian F.F., 19, who worked as a courier for drug dealers in the neighborhood. The local authorities believe F.F attacked Van Luijn because he wanted to steal 700 euros the Dutch man had on him. F.F. denies that he wanted to rob Van Luijn, saying that he became angry when the Dutch man started peeing in the street. F.F does not deny beating Van Luijn. An autopsy showed that the beating gave Van Luijn an aneurysm.

F.F. claims that during the violent incident, young people stole Van Luijn's wallet. The suspect later took Van Luijn to the hospital. The Spanish police believe he was forced to do so by gangs in the Son Banya neighborhood, who did not want the bad publicity. The 19-year-old drug courier was arrested shortly after he dropped the Dutch tourist off at the hospital, because he made contradictory statements to the police.

Van Luijn died shortly after arriving at the hospital.