Warm weather send Dutch flocking to water; one drowned, three missing

Crime scene
Crime scenePhoto: Politie

Warm summer weather had many Dutch seeking to cool down in the water this weekend. But that did not work out well for everyone. A man drowned in Amsterdam, in Hoofddorp a 4-year-old was resuscitated and rushed to hospital after being removed from a lake, a woman disappeared underwater in Nuenen, and two people are missing in Noordwijk. 

A 59-year-old man's body was found in the IJmeer in Amsterdam on Sunday evening. He went swimming late in the afternoon and never returned to his personal belongings on the beach at Blijburg, according to NU.nl. The police, coast guard and rescue organization KNRM searched for the missing swimmer on lifeboats, and a helicopter was also deployed.

In Hoofddorp a swimmer found a 4-year-old boy at the bottom fo the Toolenburgplas on Sunday afternoon. An ambulance, the police, the fire department and a trauma helicopter responded to the scene, AD reports. The child was resuscitated and rushed to the hospital. He is in critical condition, a police spokesperson said to the newspaper. Many people saw the child being resuscitated, the Kennemerland police said on Twitter. Victim Support is available for those who need it.

A woman went missing while snorkeling in the beach bath on Enodedreef in Nuenen, Noord-Brrabant on Sunday afternoon. A large search was launched when the woman did not return hours after entering the water. The search was called off after dark and will resume on Monday.

Two swimmers are also feared drowned in Noordwijk. Other people on the beach sounded the alarm at around 8:45 p.m. on Sunday when the two never returned to their towels and clothes, Omroep West reports. The police and KNRM launched a search on the water, while police officers searched in restaurants along the beach to make sure the owners of the clothing weren't eating somewhere. So far no one was reported missing, but the owners of the towels and clothing also have not been found.