Cancer the leading cause of death in Netherlands

Cancer was the most common cause of death in the Netherlands last year, with 31 percent of the 150 thousand people who passed away dying of the disease, Statistics Netherlands reported on Tuesday.

More men than women died of cancer last year. 35 percent of the men who died in 2017 died of cancer, compared to 27 percent of women. The number of people who died of cancer also increased. Last year 47 thousand people in the Netherlands died of cancer, compared to 45,279 in 2016, 44,195 in 2015 nd 42,984 in 2014. 

After cancer, cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death. 

In the age group 30 to 80 the most common cause of death was cancer last year, followed by cardiovascular diseases. In the age group 80 and over, cardiovascular diseases were the leading cause of death last year. Among children between the ages of one and 15 years, cancer was tied with unnatural cause of death, like accident or suicide, for the most common cause of death. 

Young people between the ages of 15 and 30 years most often died an unnatural death last year. 53 percent of the young people who died last year, died of an non-natural cause of death. According to Statistics Netherlands, this can partly be explained by an increase of suicides among young people. The number of teenagers who committed suicide nearly doubled last year. 

Those in the Netherlands who are suffering from depression or contemplating suicide may call counselors at Sensoor, 0900-0767 (5 ct./min.), or call their volunteers at a local number. 113 Zelfmoordpreventie is also available 24/7 at number 0900-0133 A list of suicide crisis hotlines outside the Netherlands is available on Wikipedia.