Not one VMBO Maastrict pupil passed their final exams

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Not a single pupil in the final examination classes at VMBO Maastricht passed their exams successfully, according to a message the school sent to its 354 final exam pupils. "Before you can get your diploma, you must have completed the school exam with complete success. None of you have done that yet", the message reads, the Teleraaf reports. 

The final exams in the Netherlands consists of two parts - the school exams, and the written central exams. On June 22nd it was revealed that the Education Inspectorate concluded that the VMBO Maastricht school exams were not in order. There were thousands of mistakes in the exams - figures were not filled in, tests were not taken and internships were not completed. The school exams were therefore declared invalid. 

In order to write the central exams, pupils must first have passed their school exams. The 354 VMBO Maastricht pupils' central exams were therefore initially also declared invalid, but Minister Arie Slob of Primary and Secondary Education later decided to make an exception for them. These pupils' central exams will remain valid until January 1st, 2019 - the pupils have until then to pass their school exams and get their diploma. 

"For the new school exam you have to meet the official objectives: the components that apply to all pupils in the Netherlands", VMBO Maastricht wrote in the message sent to the 354 pupils on Wednesday. Exactly what this means for each pupil, will be discussed with them in a personal conversation at the school. "The board of examiners is having new tests made itself. Also tests for the entire subject in one go. This way you can show that you understand a subject with fewer tests. The tests are made and checked by people outside the school. Depending on what you missed, there are tests for parts of a subject or tests over a whole subject."

Several parents told the Telegraaf that on Wednesday the pupils of the school started with lectures about curriculum and tests they will have to take to pass their school exams. Over the next two days, each pupil will be presented with an individual plan of approach. A few of the new exams will be written next week, but most are scheduled for mid August, with a second chance during the autumn holidays. 

A summer school was also arranged for the affected pupils, where they can get lessons from teachers from other schools.