Ticketmaster data leak: No evidence of Dutch victims

Booking site Ticketmaster was hit by a data breach and the "personal or payment details" of some customers may have been accessible to unknown parties, the company reported in an email to its customers. There is no evidence that Dutch customers were affected by the breach, but Dutch still received an email from the company advising them to change passwords as a precaution, a spokesperson for Ticketmaster said to NOS.

The leak was discovered on June 23rd at Ticketmaster's British branch. The company writes that international customers who bought tickets or tried to do so between September 2017 and June 23rd of this year, may be affected. With British customers this period is shorter, from February to June 23rd. A statement on Ticketmaster's site says that "less than 5 percent of our customers are affected globally".

Customers are advised to change their password. Ticketmaster also advises customers to check their account statements for strange debits, which could point to fraud or identity theft. 

According to the company, Ticketmaster UK found malicious software in a product that was used internally and was hosted by an external supplier - Inbenta Technologies. This company provides customer service software, according to NOS.