Suspect confesses to murdering key witness' brother

A 40-year-old man from Hilversum arrested on suspicion of murdering key witness Nabil B.'s brother March, confessed to the murder, the Public Prosecutor announced, reports.

The man only confessed to killing Reduan B. at his office in Amsterdam, and did not say whether he was ordered to do so or give any names or information that could lead to other suspects. He will appear in court on July 5th.

The suspect was one of three arrested after Reduan B. was gunned down at his company on TT. Melissastraat in Amsterdam Noord on March 29th. The other two suspects were released a short time later.

Reduan B. was assassinated less than a week after the Public Prosecutor announced that his brother Nabil B. agreed to be a key witness in a number of assassination cases in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Nabil B. pointed the Dutch authorities to suspects Ridouan Taghi and Said Razzouki, both of whom were placed on the national wanted list. After Reduan's death, the Public Prosecutor said that he only wanted limited security

Nabil B. went to the police last year because he felt remorse for the mistaken identity death of Hakim Changachi in early 2017 in Utrecht. The actual target of the attack was Khalid H., a criminal who lived in the same apartment building as Changachi. B. was involved in the preparations for the murder attempt on H. and is currently standing trial for that. 

Earlier this month Nabil B. said that he is considering retracting his testimony, because the death of his brother shows that the Dutch authorities are unable to protect his family. Nabil B.'s other relatives were taken abroad for extra protection.