Pinkpop van crash kills one, hurts three; Suspect & vehicle missing


One person was killed and at least three others were hurt after a multi-person vehicle crashed into several pedestrians near the Pinkpop music festival site early Monday morning. The incident happened at about 4 a.m. on the Mensheggerweg in Landgraaf, Limburg, police said in a statement. The crash site is near Pinkpop's "B" camping location.

Authorities have not determined if it was an intentional act or an accident.

Police are searching for a white Fiat Doblo, or similar vehicle, authorities revealed on citizen information website Burgernet. The vehicle possibly had a Dutch license plate, including the numbers "257". Fiat produces the Doblo in several versions, including a 5-person, 7-person, and cargo van varieties. No arrests were made as of 8:30 a.m.

Multiple witnesses were at the scene. Crisis services and mental health services were being provided to those witnesses needing assistance.

"The Pinkpop organization is deeply shocked and thoughts are with the victims and family," Pinkpop said on several social media channels.

The identity of the victims was not released. However, the victims were related to the Pinkpop festival. It is not clear if they were attendees, workers, volunteers, or connected in some other way.

An emergency hotline was setup by the municipality to assist people seeking information. In the Netherlands, the phone number is 0251-260960.

Police closed off several roads around the Pinkpop festival and campsite. A police helicopter was also deployed over the scene.