Three Dutch arrested for financing terrorism

Two brothers from Utrecht and a woman from Alphen aan den Rijn were arrested on for financing terrorism. They sent money to three men suspected of joining terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq. The three jihadists are the brothers of the two Utrecht men, and the woman used to date one of them, NOS reports.

Two of the three suspected jihadists are believed to still be in Syria or Iraq. The third brother returned to the Netherlands in 2016. The court of Rotterdam convicted him of participating in a terrorist organization and he is in prison. All three brothers are on the national terrorism list.

The two men, aged 35 and 36 years, and the 40-year-old woman were arrested on Tuesday. FIOD, the Tax Authority's investigative department, searched their homes. A firearm and ammunition were found in Utrecht. 

Dozens of people in the Netherlands have been arrested on suspicion of financing terrorism since 2013. They all sent money to friends or family who went to join the ISIS-proclaimed caliphate. The amounts vary from 100 euros to 17 thousand euros, according to the broadcaster.