Mother calls for information on son's drowning in remarkable Facebook post

Thirteen year old Ezra drowned in a pool in Goes last year. His mother, writing as Ezra himself, posted a call for information on Facebook, hoping that someone could tell her what exactly happened to her son.

"Hi, I'm Ezra! On 14 October 2017 I went swimming with my friends at the pool in Goes", the post written by mother Jeanine Trinidad begins. She asks for witnesses to come forward. 

Ezra went swimming at the Omnium swimming pool with his friends that day, according to RTL Nieuws. His lifeless body was found in the water later. It was concluded that he drowned due to an epileptic seizure. But his mother and family are still left with many questions. According to mother Jeanine, no autopsy was done on Ezra's body. 

"The autumn holiday had just started and I was really looking forward to it. I even went to the city for a new swimsuit. Now my mother knows that I played and swam with my friends and peers, but how it came that I drowned, and can no longer be with her and my family... that she still doesn't know."

"A while after my death my mother heard several stories. A game was played, who can stay underwater the longest, my mother also heard I was not moving anymore and the children who were there got a fright and swam away. The other children would have lost me, but exactly how it was nobody knows. And do you know it can take up to 7 minutes before someone drowns, was I alone for a while? Didn't anyone miss me? Where was the pool staff then? My mother wants answers to these questions."

"It hurts my mother and my family a lot that they do not know what exactly happened that day, because one thing is certain, I was not alone in the pool."

The Facebook post was shared over 2,400 times. Jeanine calls on anyone with any information to please come forward.