Hague mayor bans Pegida barbecue protest at mosque

Mayor Pauline Krikke banned a barbecue protest planned by anti-Islam Pegida group at the As-Soennah mosque in the city. According to Krikke, the barbecue can lead to "serious disruptions to public order", RTL Nieuws reports.

Pegida announced that they planned to barbecue pork in front of mosques in various cities in the Netherlands during Ramadan. On Monday the court in Utrecht forbade such a barbecue at a mosque in Kanaleneiland.

"The announcement of the demonstration has led to an atmosphere of confrontation and provocation in the past few days", Krikke explained her decision to ban the barbecue at the mosque. She added that Pegida is welcome to move their demonstration to Koekamp, near Malieveld. "Demonstrating is a fundamental right we deem important in The Hague.