Killer clown harassing Arnhem kids

scary clown
Twitter user @BlackhawksCrazy as a scary clown with a macheteTwitter user @BlackhawksCrazy as a scary clown with a machete

The Arnhem police spent Sunday afternoon searching the forest at a playground on Engelenburgstraat for a so-called killer clown. The man dressed as a scary clown harassed eight children at the playground earlier in the day. He had knives with him, according to one child. The clown wasn't found, AD reports

The man hung around the park, near the children for over three hours. "It was a killer clown", 11-year-old Naomi said, according to the newspaper. "In the beginning he just waited, but he kept coming closer and had knives with him. At one point it became scary because there were also many small children. He tried to touch us. When we ran away, he quickly went into the forest." Naomi told her friend's mom, who called the police. According to the girl, this is not the first time she's seen the man at the playground. "He comes back every few months. We now stay away from the forest."

The police told AD that there was a "threatening situation", but there is no question of a sex offense. The police also deny that the killer clown harassed kids at the playground in the past. A police report was filed before, but it does not show any resemblance to the incident on Sunday, a spokesperson said to the newspaper.

The police and fire department searched the forest around Engelenburgstraat and Staverdenstraat for the clown on Sunday, but he wasn't found.