Amsterdam teacher gets two years for sexually abusing pupil

A former teacher at a school under the Cheider school community in Amsterdam was sentenced to two years in prison, six months of which conditionally suspended, for sexually abusing a 13-year-old pupil. The man is also banned from teaching for five years, NOS reports. 

The Public Prosecutor accused the man of sexually abusing six boys between the ages of 6 and 13 years. But the court only considered one count of sexual abuse proven. The Prosecutor demanded five years in prison against the man. 

According to the court, the victim was in a difficult period in his life in the period before the abuse. The teacher won the boy's trust and then massaged and molested the boy across his entire body. According to the court, the man seriously abused the victim's vulnerable position, with massive consequences for the boy. 

In the other five cases, sexual abuse can not be proven, the court ruled. The court considers it proven that the man massaged the neck and shoulders of two other children, but this does not necessarily constitute sexual assault. The statements of the other three children are not reliable enough, according to the court.

The school received the first report of the teacher sexually abusing a pupil in 2012 and suspended him. He emigrated to Israel a few months later. After a long process, Israel extradited the man to the Netherlands in 2016.