Asbestos released in Ede fire, commercial terrain closed for cleaning

The municipality of Ede closed off 16 companies and 8 homes on commercial terrain Frankeneng after asbestos was released in a fire at a car company on Fultonstraat on Sunday morning, ANP reports. 

Specialist asbestos removers started cleaning the roads and sidewalks in the area on Sunday night. After they're done, other certified companies will check the area for sings of the carcinogenic substance. How long the terrain will remain closed is unclear.

The residents of the homes on the terrain were given shelter, according to the municipality. A number of companies will not be able to open on Monday. Companies that do open before the asbestos cleaning is done and checked, will be fined, the municipality said. 

The fire broke out on Monday morning. Firefighters got it under control fairly quickly. The police later found a cannabis plantation in the car company where the fire started. The cause of the fire is still unclear.


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