Up to 6 years in prison for Rotterdam man's abduction

Two men were sentenced to three and six years in prison for abducting a man from Rotterdam in Amstelveen in March last year. The kidnappers held the man hostage for hours, cut off part of his finger and then dumped him on the street, NOS reports.

The perpetrators opened fire on the man on the street and pulled him into their car. They tied him up and blindfolded him. He was held hostage in a home in Leiden for several hours. The man had to "arrange" a million euros for them, or they'd cut off more of his body parts. The two perpetrators eventually dumped the man on the street, around the corner from the home where he was held. 

The motive for the kidnapping is still unclear. The Prosecutor believes that it may have something to do with drug trafficking, according to NH Nieuws. 

The court sentenced the two suspects - a 30-year-old man from Rotterdam and a 24-year-old man from Leiderdorp - to six years and three years in prison. They also have to pay the victim 5 thousand euros in damages, according to NU.nl.