Breakthrough in Amstelveen kidnapping case: Victim held hostage in Leiden

The police had a breakthrough in the case of a Rotterdam man being kidnapped in Amstelveen earlier this year. Investigators found the house where the man was held hostage on Spaarnestraat in Leiden, the police announced on Thursday. The house has been thoroughly searched and the police expect to make arrests soon, reports.

This case revolves around a 37-year-old man from Rotterdam being kidnapped in Amstelveen on March 9th, shortly after he and a friend left the Health City gym in the city. A dark blue Peugeot 308 blocked the road behind their car. Four masked men jumped out and tried to open the door. When that failed, the broke the window with a gun and pulled the victim out. He was bundled into the Peugeot, which drove off. His friend was left alone.

The victim was found around 9:15 p.m. that same evening on Castellumweg in Leiden, not far from where he was held. The man was the perpetrators' hostage for several hours. During that time he was tortured. He was missing a finger and had a serious head wound when he was found. 

A 29-year-old man from Leiderdorp was arrested that same night on suspicion of involvement. He is still in custody. The police tracked him down through the car used in the abduction. 

The police believe that a second car - a white Peugeot 308 with license plate number NF-939-F - was also used in the kidnapping. Investigators call on witnesses to come forward. 

The motive behind the kidnapping is still unclear. The victim thinks the kidnappers wanted ransom money. As far as the police know, no money was paid.