Victim's finger cut off in Amstelveen kidnapping case

Police officers on the street
Police officers on the streetPhoto: Politie

The perpetrators who kidnapped a 37-year-old Rotterdam man in Amstelveen last month, cut off one of his fingers, the police announced on Tuesday. The case will be discussed on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday evening, RTL Nieuws reports.

On March 9th masked men dragged the Rotterdam man out of his car in a parking lot in Amstelveen, forced him into another car and drove off with him. Later that night he was found wounded on a street in Leiden. 

In between his kidnapping and him being found in Leiden the man was held somewhere and had his finger cut off. So far the police released very little details about this case. Tonight more information will be given on Opsporing Verzocht. Among other things, he police hope the public can help them find where the man was held by the kidnappers. 

One suspect was arrested after the kidnapping. It is unclear whether this person is still in custody.