Netherlands' share in world trade on the rise

The share of Dutch exports in the world trade increased over the past two years. Last year the Netherlands' exports accounted for 3.2 percent of world trade, Statistics Netherlands reported on Monday.

The Dutch share in world trade declined in the years after the credit crisis from around 3.5 percent to 3 percent. In 2016 there was a turning point, partly due to Dutch exports gaining strength, partly due to the total value of world trade declining. In 2017 the value of world trade increased, and Dutch exports increased even faster.

The total world trade more than doubled since the start of this century, from 8.5 trillion euros to almost 20 trillion euros last year. Up until the financial crisis, the Netherlands' exports showed more or less the same development as world trade. After 2009, the developments have been less synchronized, according to the stats office. 

Between 2015 and 2017 the Netherlands saw the biggest increase in exports to Asia. In that period the percentage of goods exports from the Netherlands to Asia increased by around a quarter. Exports to North- and South American countries and Oceania also increased. Exports to European countries decreased, though Europe still accounts for the biggest share of Dutch exports.