Amsterdam ferry sailors told to be more careful after accident

A ferry on the IJ river in Amsterdam (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Vitaly Volkov). (A ferry on the IJ river in Amsterdam (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Vitaly Volkov))

Amsterdam public transit company GVB instructed its ferry skippers to be more careful following an accident last week Sunday in which 13 people were hurt, NH Nieuws reports.

A GVB too hard, injuring 13 people. Two had to go to hospital, the rest sustained only minor injuries. The is still ongoing. 

"We immediately took a number of preventative measures to increase safety for our passengers", Mark Lohmeijer, director of Technology and Operation at GVB, said to the newspaper. "Safety is the most important thing. We instructed our skippers to sail more carefully and to pay extra attention when they are neatly docking on the quay."

As soon as the investigation into the accident is done, GVB will decide if further measures are necessary.

A similar accident involving a ferry and the quay at Amsterdam Central Station happened on Friday. The ferry hit the quay too hard while stopping. No one was hurt.