Amsterdam ferries inspected after accident

A GVB ferry in Amsterdam
A GVB ferry in Amsterdam. (Photo: Jos van Zetten / Wikimedia Commons)

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate will investigate the ferry services in Amsterdam following an . As soon as the police investigation into the accident is done, the Inspectorate will conduct a broader investigation, Het Parool reports.

A ferry across the IJ, from Amsterdam Noord to Amsterdam Central Station, crashed into De Ruijterkade on Sunday. One passenger was taken to hospital with a broken wrist. A pregnant woman was also taken to hospital for examination. And eleven other people sustained minor injuries.

According to Het Parool, there have been multiple incidents of Amsterdam ferries hitting a quay over the past period. In October a ferry's steering cut out in the middle of the IJ and ferries crashed into other ships several times.

The police believes that Sunday's accident was caused by a technical defect. A breathalyzer test showed that the ferry driver had no alcohol in his system.