Fired bus driver suspected of Tilburg bus fires: report

In February a man was arrested on suspicion of setting a number of Arriva buses on fire last year. The suspect is a former bus driver who was fired from Arriva at the end of 2016, Brabants Dagblad reports based on various sources.

According to the newspaper, the 29-year-old man worked as a driver on Arriva's regional lines. He was fired late in 2016 because a broken relationship with another employee led to problems on the work floor.

In 2017 Arriva was hit by arson in Tilburg multiple times. In September five buses parked next to each other went up in flames in one night. Two weeks later, there was a fire at the company's office building. And in November, an Arriva bus was stolen and later found burning in a parking lot. According to Brabants Dagblad, the fired bus driver is suspected of setting these fire.

The transport company would not confirm to NOS that the suspect is a former bus driver. The man will appear in the court in Breda later this month.