Video: Two hot air balloons make unplanned landings in Tilburg

Burner on a hot air balloon
Burner on a hot air balloon Photo: Sunridin / Wikimedia Commons

In a strange coincidence, two hot air balloons made unplanned landings in Tilburg on Tuesday. One landed in a small field in the middle of a residential area, the other landed on a football field a few minutes later. The two precautionary landings seem to be unrelated, Omroep Brabant reports.

The first balloon, controlled by a German balloonist, landed on a small field near Rentmeesterlaan. No one was injured. The balloon took off in Rijen. "At the University of Tilburg we still waved at a friend. Then we stayed above Tilburg for a bit and then we went down to catch the wind to go back, but we actually went further into the city. So we had to land somewhere", one of the passengers said to Omroep Brabant. 

A few minutes later, another hot air balloon landed on VV Haarsteeg's football field. Why is not clear, according to the broadcaster. An eyewitness saw the balloon flying low over the houses in Vlijmen and filmed it from his car. VV Haarsteeg had just started training when the balloon suddenly appeared. "He landed in the middle of the field and we still helped to lay the balloon down", one footballer said to the broadcaster. "There were quite a few people in it, but nobody was injured. A car picked up the balloon and then we went on playing football again."