Netherlands called on to stop sending asylum seekers back to Afghanistan

Asylum seekers
Asylum seekers

The situation in Afghanistan is still very dangerous, and people sent back to the country run the risk of being kidnapped, tortured and killed, according to 10 aid organizations. They call on the Dutch government to stop deporting asylum seekers back to the country, RTL Nieuws reports.

The aid organizations will campaign throughout the month of May to draw attention to asylum seekers, especially families with children, being sent back to Afghanistan. They point out that Afghanistan is the second most violent country in the world, after Syria. In 2017 over 10 thousand civilians were killed in the country.

The action is a joint initiative of Amnesty International, Defense for Children, Don't send Afghans back, INLIA, Kerk In Actie, Save the Children, foundation LOS, UNICEF Nederland, and the Dutch council for refugees VluchtelingenWerk Nederland.