Man found dead on Limburg street; police searching for person with one shoe

Crime scene (Photo: Politie)Crime scene (Photo: Politie)

A man was found dead on Uliker in Opsel, Limburg on Friday morning. The police are looking for a person wearing one shoe, according to a description spread on Burgernet.

The man has not yet been identified, according to De Limburger. The cause of his death is also unclear.

A car was found further up the road. It had slipped into a ditch, the newspaper writes. The police closed the road and started an investigation.

On Burgernet the police call on people in the area to keep an eye out for someone with a light blue bicycle of the Norta brand. The person is wearing one black shoe with orange shoelaces. 

How this person is connected to the man found dead on the street, is not clear.