Murdered boy, 10, wrote letter before his death, lawyer says

House on Jan Vethkade in Dordrecht
House on Jan Vethkade in Dordrecht. (Photo: @Woonkoers / Twitter )

Ten year old Diego, who was found murdered in his father's home in Dordrecht last year, wrote a letter before he died, his father's lawyer revealed in court on Thursday. Father Marcel S. is suspected of killing the boy, AD reports.

Diego's body was found in his father's house on Jan Vethkade in March last year. He was strangled to death. The letter was found in the garden of that same house, the lawyer said. 

According to the lawyer, research on the handwriting in the letter showed that Diego wrote it. "Diego writes in the letter that he blames people for being so nasty to him and his father", the lawyer said, adding that he also wrote about "starting a new life with his father elsewhere."

The letter was partially charred when it was found. Marcel S. denies that he tried to burn it. It was already known that S. sent a letter to his own mother in which he announced a farewell, according to the newspaper. 

The trial against S. will start in June. So far he hasn't attended any of the pro-forma hearings, like the one today. He will be at the actual trial, his lawyer said. "He has nothing to hide. He has always been open. He says about the death of his child: I don't know what happened."