Activist calls attempted suicide in parliament an "act of love"

The House where the Budget Discussions are taking place. (The House where the Budget Discussions are taking place - wikipedia)

A man who by on Wednesday, apologized. He did it as an "act of love", and not because he was depressed, he said to Omroep Gelderland.

The man says he regrets his actions, especially since several parliamentarians saw it happen. "Of course it was something, I tried to shake them awake", he said to the broadcaster. "It suddenly occurred to me to do this. In two months I sent parliamentarians petitions and never heard anything, they all walked past me while I sat there. I did this in my right mind, it was an act of love for the earth and the people. I am not depressed."

The 65-year-old man from Groenlo has been campaigning for the legalization of cannabis cultivation for some time. He spent many days in front of the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, to draw attention to his cause. His attempted suicide was intended to do the same.

The activist was taken to hospital after his failed suicide attempt. He is still there "because they are afraid that I can still get swelling in my head and neck", he said to the broadcaster.