Another emergency worker assaulted in Amersfoort

Violence against emergency workers
Violence against emergency workersPhoto: Politie Dordrecht / Facebook

A 35-year-old man was arrested in Amersfoort on Sunday night after he threw his bicycle at a passing ambulance and then assaulted the driver, ANP reports.

The incident happened on Utrechtseweg. The man threw a bicycle at a passing ambulance, hitting it. The paramedics stopped, thinking that they hit someone. When the driver opened his door, the man again threw the bicycle at the ambulance. When the driver approached him, he punched the driver in the face.

The man fled, but was later arrested. He is being charged with assault and vandalism. Why he attacked the ambulance is not clear.

This is the second attack on an emergency worker in Amersfoort over the weekend. On Saturday morning a police officer was assaulted and choked after she tried to arrest a woman for vandalizing a shop window. She sustained a severe concussion.