Netflix confirms new Netherlands original series

Netflix is working on a Netherlands original series that is fully funded by the American company and will be  exclusively available on Netflix.

"There is a Dutch original. We are busy with it", Allie Goss, Vice President Originals at Netflix, said to broadcaster NOS. How much Netflix is investing in this production, what it is about and when it will be released, she would not say.

This new original is different from the previously announced Dutch language series Undercover, which will be on Netflix next year. Undercover is only co-produced by Netflix. The other producer is the Belgian VRT. Undercover will also first be broadcast on VRT, and only then be offered worldwide via Netflix. 

The new Dutch original series is part of Netflix's plan to produce more international programs. "According to the latest figures, we have more than 117 million subscribers, more than half of those outside the U.S. And the group of international subscribers is only growing", Greg Peters, Chief Product Producer at Netflix, said to NOS. "Netflix will increasingly become a platform where more and more international content will appear. Because the viewers are also becoming more international and it doesn't matter to them in which language a series is. As long as it is a good series."