Prosecutor wants Anne Faber murder suspect to serve rest of former sentence

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Michael P., the man suspected of raping and murdering Anne Faber, must serve the rest of the sentence he previously got for rape and extortion, the Public Prosecutor demanded in the court in Arnhem on Thursday. P. was previously sentenced to 12 years in prison for raping two underage girls in Nijkerk in 2010 and for multiple muggings, RTL Nieuws reports.

Everyone in the Netherlands has the right to be conditionally released after serving two thirds of his or her prison sentence. For Michael P., it would have been this year - he served eight of his 12 years sentence. But according to the Prosecutor, P. does not qualify for this conditional release because of the serious crimes he committed.

P. has not yet been tried for the rape and murder of Anne Faber. But he confessed that he pulled the young woman off her bicycle on September 29th, raped her and murdered her before burying her body in Zeewolde. At the time of Anne's murder, P. was staying in a psychiatric clinic in Den Dolder, to prepare him for his conditional release. 

Lawyer Niels Dorrestein, who is representing P., told the court that he will not oppose the Prosecutor's demand in any way and leaves the decision on whether or not P. should serve the rest of his 12 years sentence up to the court. Opposition in this case would be pointless, the lawyer said, according to RTV Utrecht. 

Anne Faber was missing for nearly two weeks before her body was found buried in a wooded area. Her body was found based on information P. gave the police. P. was allowed some freedom at the clinic in Den Dolder, because he was being prepared for his return to society.