Meteorological spring kicks off in Netherlands with extreme cold warning

Meteorological spring kicks off in the Netherlands on Thursday with a code yellow warning for extreme cold. Low temperatures combined with a strong wind create ambient temperatures below -15 degrees Celsius across the country, meteorological institute KNMI warns.

Motorists in the north of the country, especially on the Wadden islands, should also be careful of slippery roads caused by snow that hasn't melted away yet. "Adjust your driving behavior", the KNMI warns.

Temperatures will climb to between 0 and -3 degrees during the course of the day, but will feel much colder due to an icy wind blowing from the east, according to Weeronline. The day will be partly cloudy, with the northern parts of the Netherlands getting more sunshine than the south. The southern parts of the country may also see some snowfall.

Wednesday was the coldest February 28th ever measured in the Netherlands. Temperatures in De Bilt rose no higher than -4.6 degrees, breaking the previous record dating from 1904. Then the maximum was -1.6 degrees in De Bilt. Wednesday was also the first official ice day this winter, according to Weeronline. On the last day of meteorological winter, it is late for the first ice day to be recorded. Winters usually count an average of eight ice days.