Stolen “real dolls” found by police; Returned to Breda sex shop

Sex doll Fenna from MyTenga
Sex doll Fenna from MyTengaPhoto: MyTenga

Fourteen lifelike and very expensive sex dolls that were stolen from exclusive sex shop Mytenga in Breda last year, were returned to the store on Tuesday. Owner Niels van der Voort is very happy to have them back, but they were quite damaged, he said to Omroep Brabant.

The dolls were stolen from Mytenga in September. "We thought they were sold abroad. We obviously kept an eye on Marktplaats ourselves, but didn't see them there. We did not have any hope that they would ever surface", Van der Voort said to the broadcaster. Until the police called him with good news in November. "We heard that officers were raiding somewhere in Noord-Holland, expecting to find weed, but found the dolls."

The police in The Hague confirmed to the broadcaster that the dolls were found while officers responded to a report of a possible cannabis farm in Rijswijk. The dolls were seized by the police, but could not be released immediately in the interest of the investigation. On Tuesday Van der Voort was allowed to go pick them up at the police.

The dolls, carrying a price tag of around 25 thousand euros in total, were heavily damaged, Van der Voort said. He will try to still sell them at a very much reduced price, but isn't very hopeful. "I doubt that people want that. Otherwise we'll bring them to the dump."

So far the police arrested one man. Van der Voort provided the police with surveillance camera footage to help them track down the other thieves. 


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