Fourteen lifelike dolls stolen from exclusive Breda sex shop

Sex doll Fenna from MyTenga
Sex doll Fenna from MyTengaPhoto: MyTenga

Thieves stole 14 lifelike sex dolls, worth around 25 thousand euros in total, from the showroom of exclusive sex shop MyTenga in Breda last week. "They only left the couches", shop owner Niels van der Voort said to Omroep Brabant. "All the dolls are gone. Even the old kettle and the six-year-old retro-reflective camera they took with them."

The break in happened during the early hours of Friday morning, according to RTL Nieuws. Using a jack, the burglars lifted the door about 20 centimeters up, so that one of them could slip through and open it from the inside. "In 15 minutes they emptied the entire shop. They were obviously professionals", Van der Voort said to the broadcaster.

The cheapest sex doll on the online store is 30 euros for a basic blow-up doll. The most expensive one in the showroom was 2,400 euros. The dolls were custom-made and lifelike. 

Van  der Voort thinks the dolls were stolen to be resold, because what else will you do with 14 sex dolls, he said to both RTL and Omroep Brabant. But he thinks the thieves will have a hard time selling them because they are so exclusives. "One of the dolls was already tailor made and ready for our customer. They can not simply sell them anywhere in the Netherlands. I think they'll have to go abroad. People know it's stolen stuff."

Van der Voort handed surveillance camera footage of the break in over to the police. He is currently dealing with the insurance. "Fortunately we are well insured and everything will be reimbursed. It is mostly a lot of administrative hassle. But we have now tightened security and will place a lot less in the showroom", he said to Omroep Brabant.