Samuel L. Jackson praises Dutch TV’s NRA video parody

American actor Samuel L. Jackson praised a parody video made by Dutch TV show Zondag met Lubach about the United States' national rifle association NRA. The video, made in October 2017, rebrands the NRA as nonsensical rifle addiction, and describes the large number of gun deaths in the U.S. as a humanitarian disaster caused by this disease.

"Every day 40 U.S. citizens die because of a terrible epidemic: Nonsensical Rifle Addiction", the video says.

Samuel L. Jackson posted the video on Twitter. "How can they get it so right and we get it so wrong?" he tweeted.

The video is regaining popularity after a mass shooting at a high school in Florida last week. Seventeen people were killed at the shooting in Parkland. It is being described as the most deadly high school shooting in recent American history.