Dutch TV show behind viral US guns video wins "most popular show"

Arjen Lubach, presenter of Dutch show Zondag met Lubach
Arjen Lubach, presenter of Dutch show Zondag met LubachPhoto: R. van Elst / Wikimedia Commons

Dutch television show Zondag met Lubach won the Gouden Televizier-Ring award for most popular show on Thursday. Eva Jinek and Wilfred Genee won in the categories best female- and male presenter, NU.nl reports.

"I am naturally the presenter and get a lot of attention, but behind the scenes I am also very important. No, kidding. For all the editors and cameramen, I'm very happy that they're able to work with me. No, kidding again", Arjen Lubach jokingly accepted the award. Zondag met Lubach beat De beste zangers and Expeditie Robinson in this category. 

The Dutch show recently went viral online with a video about United States' gun laws, jokingly rebranding the American national rifle association NRA as nonsensical rifle addiction.