Youths drop off unemployment benefits in Netherlands

looking for a job. (Picture: Twitter/@TheBaxterBean)

The number of new unemployment benefits to young people up to the age of 27 years decreased by almost a quarter in 2017, benefits agency UWV announced. Last year a total of 61,500 young people received new unemployment benefits, compared to 80 thousand the year before, reports.

The number of unemployment benefits to young people decreased the most in Noord-Limburg, with over a third. The Amsterdam region saw the smallest decrease, with minus 18 percent. According to UWV, this can be attributed to the fact that the Amsterdam region also saw a less significant increase in young people on unemployment in the years before 2017.

The education and business association SBB also released new data on employment opportunities for young people with a MBO diploma. According to the association, employment opportunities for people with a vocational qualification increased sharply in all regions. The regions Drechtsteden, Achterhoek, and Midden-Holland saw the biggest increases, with 44 percent, 43 percent and 39 percent respectively. The regions of Gorinchem and Flevoland saw the smallest increases, with 4 percent and 6 percent respectively.

Last week Minister Arie Slob for Primary and Secondary Education called on Dutch parents to stop pushing their kids to get into a university, pointing to the fact that the demand for people with vocational qualifications is skyrocketing.