Remains of 6,000 year old baby in woman's arms found in Netherlands

Industrial terrain Het Klooster in Nieuwegein
Industrial terrain Het Klooster in NieuwegeinPhoto: Jan Dijkstra / Wikimedia Commons

Archeologists found the remains of a baby that was buried in Nieuwegein some 6 thousand years ago. The remains of the baby was found with the skeleton of a young woman, which was excavated in the Het Klooster area in 2015. When archeologists studied the young woman's skeleton more closely in Leiden, the baby was found in her arms, AD reports. 

The municipality of Nieuwegein calls this a unique archeological find for the Netherlands. This is the oldest baby remains ever found in the country. The discovery was presented at the Nieuwegein town hall on Tuesday.

Many archeological finds have been made on Het Klooster industrial terrain over the past two years. These involve remnants of the so-called Swifterbant culture, a people that lived in the Netherlands thousands of years ago. Het Klooster houses the largest collection of Swifterbant culture remains ever found in the Netherlands.