Biggest drinkers, sex on the slopes make Dutch the wildest skiers in the world

A study by travel organization Expedia revealed that Dutch people are the wildest skiers in the world. They are the biggest drinkers of all ski enthusiast and are not averse to being naked, or even having sex on the slope, according to the study, RTL Nieuws reports.

Expedia surveyed 13 thousand skiers over the age of 18 from 13 different countries. The survey revealed that Austria is the favorite skiing destination, mainly due to the great apres ski culture in the country. And especially Dutch people make good use of this culture. 

Of all the skiers in the world, Dutch skiers drink the most while on ski vacation - 86 percent drink daily. A third consider apres ski - a French term that translates to 'after ski' which refers to entertainment, nightlife, and events that happen specifically at ski resorts - to be the most important part of their skiing holiday. 20 percent of Dutch respondents have had sex on the slopes, and 10 percent admitted to being naked on the slopes.

Remarkably, Dutch respondents also called drunk people on the slopes an annoyance.

When it comes to actual skiing, most Dutch prefer traditional skis. A third prefers snowboarding, also making the Dutch the world's biggest snowboard fans.