No booze: Norwegian woman to spend months in jail over KLM assault

A KLM Boeing 777 (Photo: Patrick Cardinal/Wikimedia Commons)A KLM Boeing 777 (Photo: Patrick Cardinal/Wikimedia Commons)

A 32-year-old woman from Norway was sentenced to six months in prison, three of which conditionally suspended, for attacking KLM cabin crew members after they refused to serve her alcohol on a flight to Panama two weeks ago. The sentence is equal to what the Public Prosecutor demanded. The woman also has to pay 5 thousand euros damage compensation, the Telegraaf reports.

Elena S. and her 33-year-old husband were flying to South America nearly two weeks ago. The couple got into a fight on the flight and became aggressive towards the cabin crew. When a purser took away the woman's drink and refused to serve her more alcohol, due to her cursing and ranting, S. attacked her. 

S. pulled the purser's hair and tried to kick her in the face. Another crew member had to jump in and pull the screaming, kicking, biting, and spitting woman off the purser, according to the newspaper. They managed to handcuff her. 

When the flight arrived at the airport in Panama, S. and her husband were refused entry to the country and were flown back to the Netherlands under the supervision of hired escorts. Back in the Netherlands the woman was arrested and the man released from custody. 

In court the woman blamed the attack on alcohol. She said that the alcohol combined with medication, which she is addicted to and takes for a personalty disorder, made her psychotic and she had a blackout, according to the newspaper. She said that she can only remember fragments of what happened, but expressed her regret. "It's all very sad."

The judge said that the woman knew that drinking alcohol in combination with her medication could have consequences.