Anti-Zwarte Piet protestors will not be prosecuted over 2016 demonstration

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The anti- Zarte Piet protestors arrested in November 2016 during the national arrival of Sinterklaas in Maasluis will not be prosecuted.

168 people have received the news through a letter from the Public Prosecutor this week. Their cases have been dismissed due to insufficient evidence and because they have been unjustly regarded as suspects, according to NOS

When the local authorities did not approve their march in Maassluis, The Kick Out Swarte Piet activists had decided to protest in Rotterdam instead. But even there a law enforcement prohibited the protest. Their march was interrupted by the intervention of the police, who in some cases used violence. 

Several activist then filed an official report against the police forces, but the Public Prosecutor didn't see any valid reason to prosecute the police officers involved. It regarded the use of violence was legitimate.

The lawyer of some of the protesters told ANP that according to him it's about time to "settle an automatic compensation on illegal arrests. My clients don't get anything out of getting arrested and then hearing that it was unjust".

Among the arrested protesters there were also some well-known personalities, such as  Simion Blom, a GroenLinks council member, lawyer Michiel Pestman and the famous activist Jerry Afriyie. The latter has communicated that his case is still running, while it is still unknown if Blom and Pestman's cases were closed, according to newspaper Het Parool.