Breda balcony-jumpers suspected of killing man in flat

The two men that on jumped from the 4-story balcony trying to escape from the police on Tusday are suspected of murder and illegal possession of weapons. 

The news comes from the suspects' lawyer Menno Buntsma, according to newspaper NOS, while the Public prosecutor has not yet confirmed anything. 

The two men are suspected of killing the man that was found dead in the flat from which they fled. The victim is a 25-years-old man not registered in the Netherlands.  

Tuesday morning the police raided the apartment in search of weapons. The two men (26 and 27) jumped from the balcony and severely injured themselves in the fall. Investigations in the flat twill take until Saturday, according to Omroep Brabant.

The police is convinced that the case is linked to a shooting in two houses in Breda that took place in the night between Friday and Saturday in the Ahornstraat and the Hagehof but could not provide further information.

Breda's mayor Depla commented the dramatic events with newspaper Omreop Brabant, calling them unacceptable; "It has not been a good week. Too many accidents, violence and a fatal ending. I worry just like the other residents".