Eurlings will not resign from IOC over abuse allegations

Camiel Eurlings (Photo: Roel Wijnants/Wikimedia Commons)Camiel Eurlings (Photo: Roel Wijnants/Wikimedia Commons)

Camile Eurlings is determined to stay on as the Dutch member of the International Olympics Committee, despite calls for him to step down because of allegations that he assaulted his ex-girlfriend in 2015, AD reports.

"It says something about him", a former IOC member said to newspaper AD. "That you do not have the norms and values that you should have in the sport. Especially as an adult man and board member, you have to set an example."

Over the weekend Eurlings gave an interview in which he expressed regret over the incident. He denied the stories of domestic abuse reported in the media, but admitted that he and his ex-girlfriend had a "scuffle". 

The Athletes Committee of the NOC*NSF called Eurlings' apologies a step in the right direction. But he still has a lot of explaining to do, committee chairman Chiel Warners said to broadcaster NOS. "A lot of trust has been lost and that did not do the sport any good, so that will have to be restored. But the good will is shown", he said. 

Jeroen Bijl, chef de mission of the NOC*NSF, said he wants clarity about Eurlings' position in the IOC before the start of the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, ANP reports. During the presentation of the Dutch Olympic team at Papendal, Bijl received many questions about Eurlings. 

Bijl did not want to get involved in the discussion about Eurlings staying on the IOC. "I have an opinion about it, but it's too early for me to comment. I'm not talking about it, and the athletes are not talking about it, but the position of NOC*NSF,whatever it is, must be clear before the Games."