Train conductor stops ticket-less rider committing suicide

A Keolis Nederland train
A Keolis Nederland train. (Photo: Roel Hemkes / Wikimedia Commons)

By acting quickly, a conductor on a Keolis Nederland train between Zwolle and Kampen prevented a ticket-less rider from killing himself on Wednesday night. The man was taken in by the police, AD reports.

Two conductors discovered that the man did not have a ticket to be on the train just before 8:00 p.m. When they told him the police would be called, he said something along the lines of "go ahead and kill me", witness Robbert-Jan Plaizier said to the newspaper.

A few seconds later, the man had a cable tie around his neck and was pulling it tight. One of the conductors used a pocket knife he had on him to cut the cable tie free. According to Plaizier, the conductor saved the man's life. "The man had already turned red", he said.

A spokesperson for public transit company Keolis Nederland confirmed the incident to AD. "It was necessary to prevent the man hurting himself or others", the spokesperson said.

The man was taken in by the police. It is unclear whether he sustained any injuries.

The conductors gave statements to the police, before receiving care internally. According to the newspaper, the incident left them shaken.