Police look for young woman in search for missing teen; wrong woman comes forward

The police are looking for a young woman with blonde hair in connection with the disappearance of 18-year-old Remon Bruinsma in Leeuwarden early this month. Surveillance camera footage show the woman giving Remon directions shortly before his disappearance. A woman came forward on Sunday, but she turned out not to be the woman the police are looking for, Remon's mother said on Facebook.

Remon is from the Friesland town of De Westereen. He went missing during the early hours of Friday, December 1st, while out with friends in Leeuwarden. 

Camera footage in the police's possession show a group of four or five people walking over Nieuwestad from the C&A towards Doelesteeg at 2:20 a.m. on December 1st, AD reports. Remon can be seen asking them something in front of the Sissy Boy clothing store. A young woman with blond hair points towards the other side of Nieuwestad and Remon walks that way. 

Until now the police assumed that the young man fell into one of Leeuwarden's canals. But despite multiple searches in the water, he still hasn't been found. "That is still the most important scenario," a spokesperson for the police said to AD. "For the time being we have no indication that a crime was committed or that he left on his own accord."

Remon's friends and family were searching for him again on Sunday. "That he has not yet been found, gives me a lot of hope," his twin brother said on Friday, according to the newspaper. "Because that means he has not been found dead yet. So there is always the chance that he is still alive."



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