Desperate parents call for footage of son, 18, missing in Leeuwarden

Eighteen year old Remon Bruinsma from De Westerveen in Friesland went missing in Leeuwarden during the early hours of Friday morning. Despite days of searching, there's still no sign of him. His parents are calling on local businesses and residents to check their surveillance cameras and send footage of anyone that "may be Remon" to the police, the Telegraaf reports.

Remon went out with friends in Leeuwarden on Thursday night. During the early hours of Friday morning, his friends lost sight of him. He's been missing since.

The authorities spent all weekend searching for the young man. On Saturday the police and dredge team SOAD searched the Leeuwarden canals. On Sunday sniffer dogs were used to search along the quays. One dog signaled something in a spot, and on Monday the police searched there again. A police helicopter with a thermal imager searched from the sky. All to no avail.

Exactly what happened to Remon is still unclear. According to the Telegraaf, he fell behind when his friends went from one pub to another on De Oude Doelesteeg. His sister told the newspaper that Remon tried to get into the pub around 2:00 a.m. on Friday morning, but he was too drunk. "He was then sent away from the alley by the police", she said. After that it is believed he walked a street on, where he was again sent away by police officers in front of the C&A branch. Remon's phone was later found there.

The camera footage sent to the police so far point in different directions, making it seem that Remon wandered through the Leeuwarden city center. A police spokesperson told the Telegraaf that they are considering all scenarios, but added that they've had no indications pointing towards a crime. The search for the young man will continue on Tuesday.

Remon is around 1.85 meters tall with a slender posture. He wears his blond hair in an undercut - short at the sides, with longer hair on top, usually worn in a man-bun, according to the police. He was last seen wearing a bright yellow shirt with a picture of a doll on it, jeans and a brown jacket.