Princess Amalia celebrates 14th birthday

Princess Amalia of the Netherlands, November 2016
Princess Amalia of the Netherlands, November 2016. ()

Princess Amalia, the oldest daughter of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima and the future queen of the Netherlands, is celebrating her 14th birthday today.

For the princess, today will be a normal Thursday, according to RTL Nieuws. She attends the Christelijk Gymnasium Sorghvliet in The Hague, where she is in her third year. 

The Royal Navy's Marinierskapel is holding a private concert on Thursday afternoon to celebrate Amalia's birthday, the Telegraaf reports. The Princess of Oranje concert will be held in the former royal palace Kneuterdijk, now the building used by the Council of State.

Amalia got the title Princess of Oranje in April 2013, when her father took the throne. The title is reserved for the heir to the throne. 

King Willem-Alexander spoke about his eldest daughter while giving an interview for his 50th birthday in April. He said he wants Amalia to travel and find herself before taking the throne. "You must first get to know yourself through and through. That's what I am constantly emphasizing with Amalia", the Dutch King said. "I keep saying: know your own limits. Go everywhere. Make mistakes, as far as possible out of the eyes of the public. I did that, a lot. Festivals, parties everything and more (...) find your boundaries. It is a good thing to do, without doing it in the public domain."