Amsterdam homes sold at €131,000 profit on average

houe for sale/sold sign

Home sellers in the Netherlands made a profit of 32 thousand euros on average this year, according to calculation by research agency Calcasa. Amsterdam sellers were the most well off this year, making an average profit of 131 thousand euros, RTL Nieuws reports.

Three out of four houses were sold at a profit this year. How much profit was made depends on when the house was bought by the seller. People who bought their homes in 2000 did best in profits when selling their homes this year - half the homes bought in 2000 sold at a profit of at least 40 percent. The worst year of purchase was in 2008 - only about half of the homes purchased in 2008 sold at a profit this year. 

"You see a division in the Netherlands", Rogier van der Heiden of Calcasa said to NOS. "The most profit is made in Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Utrecht, and to a lesser extent Groningen. In all other provinces the profits are much lower." Profits in Noord-Holland were the highest this year at an average of 75 thousand euros. While in Gelderland, Noord-Brabant and Drenthe, homes bought in 2008 still sold at a loss this year.