Uber hack: No comment on Netherlands impact

Late last year Uber was hacked and the personal data of 50 million customers and 7 million drivers were stolen. Whether any Dutch customers or drivers were among them, a spokesperson for Uber Nederland refused to say to RTL Nieuws. According to the spokesperson, the company is currently "in conversation with various authorities", and the Uber will not publish any more details about the hack until these talks are done. 

Uber currently has around 65 million active users. How many of them are Dutch, the Uber spokesperson also wouldn't say to the broadcaster. Given the size of the hack, which happened around a year ago, it seems plausible that Dutch data was also stolen.

The hackers stole names, email addresses and telephone numbers of drivers and customers. The hack was initially kept quiet by the company, but Uber's new CEO decided to report it because he wants to start with a clean slate. 

According to Dutch law, any data breach or hack that affects Dutch persons must be reported to the Personal Data Protection Authority. A spokesperson for this authority would not tell RTL whether Uber reported the hack. But did say that "you can be sure that these reports have our attention".