Nearly 150 arrested in police action in Amsterdam Red Light District

Police guard in a detention center
Police guard in a detention centerPhoto: Politie

The police arrested a total of 148 suspects in a so-called 'civilian action' in Amsterdam's Red Light District over the weekend. Arrests were made for public drug use, possession of hard drugs, drug dealing, mugging and pickpocketing, AT5 reports.

A massive 72 of the arrests were drug related. 15 people were arrested for begging, and 18 for disrupting public order. Two muggers and two pickpockets were arrested. And another man was taken to the police station for carrying pepper spray.

The police are satisfied with the results of this action, which was carried out by police officers dressed as civilians. "The results show that these kind of actions are highly desirable and we will continue doing them", the police said, according to the broadcaster.