DNA match linked suspect in Amsterdam missing person case to third murder

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A 44-year-old Amsterdam man suspected of involvement in the disappearance of Sabrina Oosterbeek earlier this year and the murder of Mirela Mos in 2004, was linked to the murder of 26-year-old Monique Roossien in 2003 through a DNA match, the judiciary confirmed to NU.nl.

Monique's body was found on the shore of the IJmeer in Amsterdam in 2003. She was beaten to death. Where the DNA traces that linked Sjonny W. to the case were found, was not revealed. 

Sjonny W. was arrested in June for involvement in the disappearance of Sabrina, who went missing from Amsterdam Zuidoost in March. The police believe that W. murdered her, though despite a number of search actions, her body hasn't been found. In September the authorities linked him to the murder of Mirela. Her body was cut up in several pieces and dumped in trash bags on Wamelstraat in Amsterdam in 2004. This link was also made through a DNA match - W.'s DNA matched with traces found on the trash bags containing Mirela's body. 

The Prosecutor previously told NU.nl that they are looking at previous unsolved murders to see if W. was involved in any of them. Which cases are involved was not revealed in the interest of the ongoing investigation. On Thursday the Telegraaf reported that the investigators made contact with the cold case team in Rotterdam in connection with W.